Add Your Own Designs To

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with the Shopify app for printing on demand, in 3D.

looking for new products to sell online?

1. Connect your Shopify store

Install the Voodoo app for your Shopify store.

Download the Voodoo 3D print on demand app for your Shopify store
Customize housewares and accessories from within the print on demand app

2. Customize a product

Add your own design to an item from our ever-expanding catalog, and push it directly to your store.

3. Set up product details

Like pricing, shipping, billing, and tax information. Choose the options that work best for you.

Set up pricing, shipping, and billing details for your unique print on demand product
Your customer buys a Voodoo print on demand product from your Shopify store

4. Your customer buys a Voodoo product from your store

The order is automatically routed to our factory. 

5. We print and ship your order

Your customer receives a unique high quality product featuring number one: your brand.

We print your order on demand and dropship directly to your customer

Why Choose Voodoo

Fresh Products

On demand 3D printing offers the limitless customization potential of regular print on demand services, and the impressive product range of dropshipping.

More Conversions, Less Inventory

Boost customer retention and convert lookers into buyers with unique on demand products that build your brand. 

Fast Delivery

Our Brooklyn-based factory fulfills orders in 2 days, plus standard shipping. 

Add Your Own Designs to Housewares and Accessories with the Shopify app for printing on demand in 3D

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