How to Make and Sell Custom Cookie Cutters on Shopify With Voodoo

So, you’ve installed the Voodoo Shopify app for your store, created an account with Voodoo, and set up your billing information. Now you’re ready to launch the app and start creating custom cookie cutters to push directly to your store.

It’s currently possible to create product bundles of one, two, or three cookie cutters. In this example, we’ll walk through how to create a set of three custom cookie cutters.

 Step 1: Go to your Shopify admin dashboard and navigate to your installed apps. Select Voodoo. 

Launch Voodoo app


 Step 2: From the homescreen of the Voodoo app, click "Customize" on the Cookie Cutter option on "Create Products". 

Choose Customizable Product

 Step 3: Click "Customize" to launch the Cookie Cutter customizer.


 Step 4: Select a set of one, two, or three units, and then click continue.

During this step you choose the “bundle” size — do you want to sell a single cutter, or three as a set? In this example we’ll make a set of three.

Choose bundle size


Step 5: Make or find .svg file of the shapes you’d like to use to make your cookie cutters.

These file types can easily be sourced online, but make sure to adhere to the licensing agreements of any artwork you find. Alternatively, you can work with a designer from Fiverr or your network to create designs in the .svg format. Note that any vector-based image (i.e. .ai or .eps) can easily be converted to a .svg.  It’s also possible to convert existing graphics (e.g., .jpegs) into .svgs using free websites.

The .svg’s we’ll use in this example look like this:

Example SVGs

Step 6: Confirm that your Cookie Cutter files meet our guidelines.

Note that open outline images, images with inner outlines, and images with disconnected parts are not currently supported.

Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to take an image with any of these issues and edit them so they become one solid outline.

Image guidelines for cookie cutters

Step 7: Once you’re in the customizer, navigate to “Choose File” to the right of the 3D workspace.

Choose the first of your three designs. Once the Cookie Cutter model loads in the 3D workspace, continue to upload the next to files.

Add images to create cookie cutters

Step 8: You can now toggle visibility between all three Cookie Cutter 3D models to review your selections before you click “Continue”.

Toggle between custom cookie cutters

Step 9: Clicking “Continue” generates your product mockups. Choose mockups to download for the product listing in your own store.

Note that although we offer pre-made images you can use as your product images, you can also download these and modify them, or create entirely new products images which you can upload to the product page in your Shopify dashboard. You can also edit the order of the images on the product page.

Choose product mockups

Step 10: After you download your product mockups, you can set up the product information for your new Cookie Cutter bundle. Enter details like product name, description, and use our profit calculator to help determine the price that works for you.

Step 11: Click “Finish” to create your product. 

Great! Your new Cookie Cutter set is now listed in the Products section of your Voodoo app, and editable from your Shopify product dashboard, where you can add additional product photography and details.

Set your product info